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CBD Protein Powder


Milagro CBD Protein Powder is an easy way for athletes and gym goers to add this popular supplement to their workout routine.

Milagro protein is made from the finest organic hemp power mixed with the best CBD TRIM which offers numerous benefits for active people.

Milagro protein is the purest and best tasting premium CBD protein available on the market today.

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Milagro filtered CBD protein is created from the best organically grown hemp in Europe. carrying all the vital phytocannabinoids CBD and CBG, then distilled, winterized to create a smooth CBD oil that’s a powerful dietary supplement with a range of health benefits.

The health benefits CBD provides are wholly dependent on the quality of the oil, which is why Milagro cbd so closely monitors every stage of the production process and goes to such lengths to extract CBD in its purest form.  For this reason, milagro CBD Protein is suitable for people with compromised immunemilagro oil pure quality and smooth taste.


Strength: 20 mg of full spectrum hemp/CBD extract per scoop, about 15 servings per container

Contains CBD and CBG.

Total 500mg of CBD.


Take on an empty stomach, half an hour before eating to ensure maximum absorption.


Organic hemp seed protein, the process turns CBDa into CBD). The protein is free from pesticides, herbicides, heavy solvents and other toxic substances.